Tantric Massage

Information on Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage is a sexual massage but the outcome is not sexual relief. It is meant to relax the person and fill them with sexual energy. It can also be used to help people with sexual problems like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. There is an emphasis on giving in to what you’re feeling and focusing on the moment and is an extended massage, lasting for two hours or even longer depending on what you choose.

A Tantric Massage is a bit different from other massages and there is more of an emphasis on your external and internal beings connecting as one. The room will be simply decorated and lit with candles to create a relaxing atmosphere and to keep you from being distracted. During the massage your therapist may be naked however you will not be allowed to touch them. They are sometimes naked to help create as natural a setting as possible and make it a pure human experience.

If you want them clothed then they will gladly do this because one of the main parts of this massage is your comfort. You will be completely naked during the massage because it is a full body massage. Essential oils in soft scents will be used during the massage and the therapist will be touching your genitals. Breathing is important because it allows you to relax and let the energy flow through you so take deep, calm breaths. She will move her hands over you gently, stroking you from your legs to your chest. She will massage your pelvic area ad even your penis to help get sexual energy flowing. You may become aroused but she will not acknowledge this in a sexual way and will keep massaging you. The massage will last for around two hours and afterwards you should feel at peace. If you are in a relationship you can have a Tantric Massage.

together. It will be the same as doing it as a single person except after your massage you will spend time with your partner. This time is spent learning a few different techniques on touching each other and seeing how to please one another.

Tantric Massage has a few different benefits to those who receive one. The main benefit is feeling calm and relaxed. You will have spent an extended period of time doing nothing but being caressed by soft, gentle hands. Another important benefit is the way it can help sexual performance. The increased blood flow may help with erectile dysfunction or premature

ejaculation. The final benefit is having a deeper understanding of yourself. The emphasis on pleasurable touches instead of sexual release will show you that touch is a powerful thing and you’ll appreciate them more.

Tantric Massage can help people regardless of age, gender or lifestyle. It can also help bring couples closer together and re-ignite their feelings for one another by allowing them to experience a strong, sensual massage together. It is a longer type of massage but is well worth it for the feelings and benefits it can bring you.